Gümüşhane Hazine Mağara Mine site is located 2 kilometers southwest of Gümüşhane, in the Eastern Black Sea Region. The polymetallic (Pb-Zn-Cu, Au, Ag) mine site is part of a 758.25-hectare Group IV Mineral Mining License area (IR-8479) that includes the Hazine Mağara, a historical mine that has been in operation since the 12th century.

A total of 128,000 meters of the site was drilled until 2020, including 50,000 meters of surface and 75,000 meters of underground drilling. A resource update study by consultancy company RPMGlobal in 2020 reported a total of 1.7 million tonnes ore deposits, with average grades of 5% Pb+Zn, 0.6 gr/tonnes Au, 45 gr/tonnes Ag, and 0.25% Cu. Today, all drilling activities in the mine are underground and fully automatized, with sublevel caving and

Gümüşhane Hazine Mağara Mine produces around 550,000 tonnes of ore annually with an average grade of 5-5.5% Pb+Zn. Run-of-mine ore is transported by road to the processing facility located 18 kilometers to the east of the mine site. Here, the ore is separated via flotation into lead, zinc and copper concentrates, which also contain gold and silver.